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More Services

While selling extremely high quality cars is what we do, we have grown to be very good at offering a few other services which make our offering to our customers complete. We thought let’s open these services to those of you who may not be looking to buy a car but looking for some of these services standalone.

RTO Services

If you are looking for professional help to complete some paperwork at the RTO, we have an excellent team in place. We can help you with a range of services such as ownership transfer, hypothecation, renewal/duplication of papers and more.


You are looking to buy a car from a friend/family but would like to have a warranty on the car. We are happy to offer.


Like to see your car look absolutely stunning? We offer cost effective detailing options. We could pick up from your place and drop a ninja version of the same car back.


The city traffic gifted you a few scratches on your otherwise beautiful car? Don’t you worry, we can get it back to its original beautiful self with very high quality finish.


Like some help to buy the right insurance for your car without spending hours figuring it out? Do it with us quickly over a call/whatsapp/email.

Car loans

You are buying a friend’s car and you want to get a car loan? Reach out to us and we can get you a loan at minimum down payment and attractive rates.


You own a cool car and want to deck it up with some nice accessories? If you are looking for genuine good quality ones, look no further.